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“Her” Audio Review

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Log's Line


 “I exercise control in all things.”

As an initial disclaimer; I have not, and never plan on, reading a page from this series. The source material simply doesn’t interest me, and the word of mouth on the author’s poor prose and amateurish writing doesn’t lure me in either. So why did I grudgingly, although inconsistently, enjoy the film? Because like the best cat and mouse relationships, Fifty Shades of Grey teases its audience and makes us chase. Venturing into the unknown is a mysterious adventure, and for the majority of the movie that’s what we get. Then it turns into a sociopathic controller, offering less sexual tension or coquetry and more smothering pursuits of tempered sadomasochism. This isn’t a romantic story. Had the movie remembered that it would have been far better off.


Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is a homely, clumsy girl with a name befit…

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Banff Mountain Film Festival – World Tour

Sauvage Swimwear Collection 2015

Hey, imagine a movie about this sweet action, yeah!


The New Spring Swimwear Collection from Sauvage Swimwear is finally here. Featuring a number of luxurious Designer Bikinis this swimwear line has been a super hot commodity in Miami Beach. The attention to detail and unique bikini sets feature gold chain straps, Swarovaski crystals, are self lined in expensive Italian fabric and are just truly a cut above the average Bikini. If you are looking for a High end bikini then Sauvage Swim needs to be on your goto list. Many of their bikini sets are limited edition and sell out fast as well. When there is a Sauvage Swimwear Sale it is truly a mad house. The 2015 Collection from Sauvage is truly unique!

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Infinite Summer – X O X O by byatempa

Tales From The Pool Side: Body Shaming And Bikini Photos

The Random Ramblings of Laiyla Lane

image   image   image

This post is a log of my day so don’t be surprised that it jumps around a bit!

I’m laying at the pool in my purple bikini. There are only a few people around at the moment and I’m already getting looks.

I’ve put my sunglasses on as a way of hiding but I can still see the looks, the sly pointing and hear the conversations and snickers – it is unfortunate for me that I know a small amount of German.

There are ladies here bigger than me but they are wearing a one piece and are probably feeling the same way that I do right now.

The men however are a different story. There are men here with gigantic beer bellies wearing speedo’s without a care in the world. It is such a double standard that society places on women to have the perfect…

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Yahoo! Asks, “Is Sex Good For Your Skin?”

Out Run Your Fork

18802-desktop-wallpapers-fine-skinOriginal Article
According to Yahoo! News: It detoxifies, releases endorphins and helps drain your, um, … lymphatic system

“It’s like the benefits from massage,” explains Dr. Jeannette Graf, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. ”It’s enjoyable, and you release a lot of endorphins from the feeling of touch, which is a benefit in itself. Sweat also helps with detoxification and calorie burn, and the extra blood flow also helps with lymphatic drainage,” she says. “It feels good both inside and outside the skin, which is great for a gorgeous glow. The idea that you get turned on is an endorphin in itself. Intimacy, sweating, endorphins – it’s all good.”


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Job Description

BASE girl

Over the years my job description has changed hundreds of times. I have learned to never be attached to one title or one way of doing things. I believe it is because of this that I have had the pleasure of experiencing so many different things and working in so many different environments. Most recently I have discovered a source of fun, playfulness and happiness in photo shoots. Here is a behind the scenes of my most recent photo shoot with Christian Michel Photography for Kaikini Bikinis in La Jolla, CA!! Enjoy!

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Geoffrey Altrocchi’s Social Media Resume

Geoffrey Altrocchi

1811 N. Tamarind Ave. Apt. 321

Los Angeles, CA




To work for your company as a publicist , PR rep and or web producer and make you money.


SEO rich


AP News Style Writing


List of updated Los Angeles Media Contacts


Knowledge of and use of all major blogging and social networking sites

including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Flippr,,,,, and

Cision expert

Software: Power Point, Quicken, Adobe Photoshop, Dreaamweaver, Adobe


HTML Coding

Digital video cameras including Canon’s 5D

Newsletter compiling and writing

Web Producer videographer

and editor (

Cold Calling

● Blogger Los Angeles, CA. 2012 Present

○ Creator and producer of several ongoing blogs on a variety of topics:

● Promenade Playhouse Santa Monica, CA. 2009 2010

Social Media Expert

○ Volunteered to create a social media platform that hadn’t existed before.

○ Increased ticket sales and attendance at shows.

○ Produced, perfected video shoots for their online network, built up online


● Westside Eclectic/Next Stage Theatre/Steve Allen Theatre 20092010


○ Wrote press releases, documents, articles, tweets, Yelp reviews

○ Gained placement in print and Internet press.

○ Designed and distributed fliers.

● Rightside Advisors Beverly Hills, CA. 2007 2008

Internet Marketing Manager

○ Managed a series of financial newsletters that were sent out to hundreds of

thousands of subscribers. Helped edit the newsletters

and rewrite them to accentuate Rightside Advisor’s priorities.

○ Programmed critical email blasts.

○ Commandeered Direct CRM marketing.

○ Developed a relationship with both second and third party vendors.

○ Rewrote training manual

● Americom Broadcasting 20052006


○ In charge of promotional and production duties for seven different radio stations.

○ Worked closely with other staff to compose community announcements and

internal communications.

○ Developed sales strategies and presentations.

Oversaw, and had final approval of all advertising that went through the station.

○ Managed weekend promotions for local businesses.

○ Produced my own show: “Friday Night Live”.

● KTVN Channel 2 News 20042005

○ Assistant Producer

○ Chose the best video content for the news day and wrote much of the script.

○ Produced different segments of the show.

○ Managed talent, maintained contact lists

○ Worked closely with press officers.

● Sparks Tribune

Sparks, NV. 2000 2002


○ Worked and mastered the Crime, Education and City Politics desks, also wrote

on several important statewide issues.

○ Created and saw to finish several special sections, including: the graduation

section, the health section and the entertainment page.

○ Created my own humor column.

○ Worked with press liaisons from every level of business, local government, state

government, national government and federal government.

○ Managed several interns at one time on large projects.


○ B.A. in Political Science, University of California at Berkeley

■ Created a grassroots campus comedy troupe from nothing that attracted

a huge following and packed hundreds into theatres.

Revised and implemented creative promotional techniques and strategy

for this troupe. Directed several plays on campus.

○ Several advanced writing courses.

○ Frequent contributor to the Heuristic Squelch, an oncampus

humor magazine.

○ Created the campus film club, along with several other comedy clubs on campus.